Asking parents what they would do if god asked them to kill their children

tl;dr A person from reddit asked his parents what they’d do. They said yes.

This is truly unbelievable. I wonder how many people would do that if they dreamed about some batshit crazy thing. It’s a good idea to ask someone this (especially your parents), but i don’t know how i’d take a positive response. I’d be really disappointed and mad, i guess, and i wouldn’t want to see them again. This is really sad. 

And a good comeback line from a reddit comment : 

"I only asked because, well, last night god told me to kill YOU. Now I know you’re cool with it."

However, last week my grandma and mom were talking about a woman that killed her kid cause god told her to do it. They said she was insane and that they don’t understand how someone can do something like that. I guess this is a good thing, right?

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